Frosty's Wonderland

The Frosty’s Wonderland Advantage


  • 70% of our gifts are $4.00 and under
  • Huge selection of licensed sports gifts 
  • Manage/Track your entire shop on our interactive website
  • Customize your shop with our online shopping option
  • $100 IN FREE NEW PRODUCTS – These items will arrive several weeks before your gift shop and may be used for a display to promote your sale.*
  • No Inventory Option- no counting of your products received or returned. We will do the paperwork and figure the invoice for you. 

Receive the following FREE

  • All delivery expenses and return of unused products
  • Supplies: Color promotional materials, handbook, parent letters, posters, money envelopes, bags and tablecloths
  • CASH REGISTER APP – easy to use and program on your Apple and Android devices. Use this convenience for all gift shop volunteers to add each customer’s purchases using the price codes on the items.

If you have any questions about our program before, during or after the holiday shop -    CONTACT -  Peggy Woodall 757-880-8908, or


based on all invoice sales

  • $2,500 =$75.00 
  • $3,500 =$150.00 
  • $5,000= $300.00

How it Works




1. CHOOSE the dates and times for your shop, then call us to sign up and reserve those dates. Most run during school hours by individual class for at least three days. You may then choose items for your holiday gift shop.

2. USE our How-To Manuel to recruit volunteers, plan your shop and coordinate with school administrators.

3. PROMOTE your shop with our color posters, your PRODUCT DISPLAY and take-home letters. These arrive a few weeks before your shop. (See our promotional ideas in our How-To Manual.)

4. SEND HOME budget envelopes before the shop so parents can help children plan a gift list and budget for the gift shop.

5. WE DELIVER your fully customized gift selection, free of charge, on the day you have requested.

6. SET UP your Frosty’s Wonderland gift shop in your planned area. Items are in price categories. Each item has a sticker with a price code attached. You will determine what you will charge for each price category.

7. CHILDREN bring their Budget Envelopes and money to school and shop in small groups assisted by your volunteers who may use our “CASH REGISTER APP”.

8. REORDER products during your sale days. You may do this by phone or online where you can MANAGE YOUR SHOP ONLINE. Our user-friendly web site allows you online account access, UPS order tracking, online reordering and online accounting to calculate your bill once your shop is finished.

9. ENTER the quantity of unsold gifts into our online accounting system and we’ll calculate your bill. OR… use our NO INVENTORY OPTION, where we count everything for you and figure your invoice. (Request this when you sign up for your gift shop.)

10.PAY only for gifts not returned after your shop is over, freight free. 

Your How-To Manual will give you more information and ideas.