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Brochures with proven performance for spring sals.

See our Frozen Food Sale page for frozen food sales.

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These brochures feature delicious items for one low price – $6.00 – have an easy and successful fundraiser.


Cheese spreads & chocolates with Easter candy & a chocolate bunny

Start this one soon for pre-Easter delivery


Cheese spreads, chocolates, candy, sausage & candy – always good!

Spring – 2018 catalog featuring tote bags, kitchen items, chocolates, flower bulbs &seeds, snacks & nuts, wrap & more ….

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Smoky Mountain Gourmet Favorites – These brochures may be combined for a great fundraiser

Virginia Diner peanuts and treats,
chocolates, Auntie Anne’s pretzels,
soup mixes, desserts & Cinnabon

Made-from- scratch and frozen
cookie dough – just scoop and bake.
12 delicious flavors mmmmm!

I hope you like the new catalogs. If you would like a packet of brochures and want more information, let me know which one(s) you like. Ask about our signing bonus.

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